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Crostic Daily March 4 2024 answers

Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day! Thank for choosing our site for all the Crostic Daily March 4 2024 answers, Cheats and Solutions. This is the latest world in the last update by Severex. On this update you will find unique crossword clues for you to solve. Chances are that some of the crossword clues will definitely be difficult for you to solve and you will need our help. This is the reason we have decided to share with you below all the Crostic Daily March 4 2024 answers. You will be redirected to the appropriate game level after you click any of the crossword clues that we have shared with you.
If you are stuck or something is not working right then kindly contact us and we will be more than happy to help you out.

March 4 2024 Level 1

Off the shore of the Spanish island of Lanzarote is located the underwater Museo Atlantico. It exhibits sculptures by a famous British artist Jason de Caires Taylor that depict our shifting, sometimes even disastrous influence on the world's environment. Exhibits sculptures by a famous

___ Santos, an American bachata singer:


A small flute with a high sound, used in military music:


Culinary master:


The quality of being full of hope:


A drink made from fruit juice mixed with sugar and rum or brandy:


___ Brenner, an Israeli multinational chocolate restaurant:


A long roll of paper with usually official writing on it:


Coca-Cola ___:


March 4 2024 Level 2

The tallest outdoor elevator in the world is "The Bailong Elevator," sometimes referred to as the "Hundred Dragons Elevator." It can accommodate 50 people at once and lift visitors up to 1,083 feet (330 meters) above the ground, which is the height of a huge sandstone column in a mountain range located in the province of Hunan, China. People at once and lift visitors up to

___ Rybakina, a Russian-born Kazakhstani professional tennis player:


Equal to 1,000 cubic centimetres:


The 2006 Winter Olympics were mainly held in this city:


I am ___ in Spanish:


A formal agreement between two people or groups of people:


A request to make, supply, or deliver food or goods:


A part on a piano or organ that you press with your foot:


Relating to the first people to live in an area:


March 4 2024 Level 3

There is a clown hotel in Tenopa, Nevada where hundreds of clowns are used for its interior design. And it is located right next to the local cemetery. Nevada where hundreds of clowns are

Total confusion with no order:


Very attractive to look at, taste, smell:


A European fish that lives in fresh water:


To ___ a tight ship:


___ DiCaprio:


___ Lebowitz, an American author, public speaker:


To cause something to be not perfect:


Hot liquid rock that comes out of the earth through a volcano:


March 4 2024 Level 4

Tim Hawking, a Stephen Hawking's son, once pranked his dad by adding curse words to his father's voice synthesizer. Once pranked his dad by adding curse

___ Bush, an American actress:


Martina ___, a Swiss former professional tennis player:


"___ one so true, I love you", by Boney M:


A 2015 American science fiction action film:


Mel ___, an American actor and film director:


Edward's hands from Tim Burton's movie:


A type of cattle with long hair and long horns, found mainly in Tibet:


Black ___ Peas, an American musical group:

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