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Crostic Daily March 9 2024 answers

Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day! Thank for choosing our site for all the Crostic Daily March 9 2024 answers, Cheats and Solutions. This is the latest world in the last update by Severex. On this update you will find unique crossword clues for you to solve. Chances are that some of the crossword clues will definitely be difficult for you to solve and you will need our help. This is the reason we have decided to share with you below all the Crostic Daily March 9 2024 answers. You will be redirected to the appropriate game level after you click any of the crossword clues that we have shared with you.
If you are stuck or something is not working right then kindly contact us and we will be more than happy to help you out.

March 9 2024 Level 1

Australia holds 31% of the world's uranium resources, which makes it the biggest producer. With almost 12% of global annual output, Australia is the 3rd largest producer of uranium in the world after Kazakhstan and Canada. Of global annual output, Australia is

Chuck ___, an American martial artist and actor:


The capital city of Bulgaria:


"And take your time to trust in me and you will find ___", a song:


Surface layer of land on which grass is growing:


To keep alive:


Removing something from somewhere:


Seat without any support for the back or arms:


Round shape drawn next to the head of a character in a cartoon:


March 9 2024 Level 2

The Bolivian Constitution acknowledges 37 national languages, even though Spanish is the primary spoken language of the majority of the population starting from 2009. Primary spoken language of the majority

The ___ Way:


Blood from injury:


To go to a quiet safe place in order to avoid a difficult situation:


The first letter of a name:


Line of sewing joining two pieces of cloth or leather:


___ Pressly, an American actress and model:


___ Lyonne, an American actress and filmmaker:


___ fatale, mysterious, seductive woman:


Large amount of money that is paid to someone:


March 9 2024 Level 3

A whole bunch of people claim to have photographic memories, yet there is no scientific evidence that would support this claim. Scientific evidence that would support

Hill of sand or ___:


Less bright in color than before:


"No time for ___ 'cause we are the champions of the World":


Military building designed to be defended from attack:


To take something or someone away by force:


Box-shaped container, that is part of a piece of furniture:


"___ Sky", a movie with Tom Cruise, Penélope Cruz, Cameron Diaz:


To have or own something:


March 9 2024 Level 4

George Washington was the only US president who did not reside in the White House, despite the fact that he was the one who actually decided on the site of the presidential residence and chose the location for the building. Was the only US president who did not

Sister of someone's father or mother:


Performs religious duties in the Christian Church:


Painting, photograph, drawing of a person:


Person that arranges the sale, renting or management of homes, land:


Loud noise that comes from the sky especially during a storm:


Once a year or ___:


To join two pieces of cloth together with a needle:

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