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Crostic Health Level 4 answers

Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day! Thank for choosing our site for all the Crostic Health Level 4 answers, Cheats and Solutions. This is the latest world in the last update by Severex. On this update you will find unique crossword clues for you to solve. Chances are that some of the crossword clues will definitely be difficult for you to solve and you will need our help. This is the reason we have decided to share with you below all the Crostic Health Level 4 answers. You will be redirected to the appropriate game level after you click any of the crossword clues that we have shared with you.
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Health Level 4

Ever wondered why there are mirrors in front of the cardio section at gym? Watching yourself run in a mirror can make a treadmill workout go by faster and feel easier. Studies show that workout mirrors can work for or against you depending on a variety of factors. On the positive side, they’re wonderful at helping you perfect your form — particularly at the barre. Looking at your position helps you fix poor posture, control your breathing or relax your muscles. Alternatively, mirrors can interfere with our internal focus and cause us to shift our attention from feeling how our bodies move to scrutinizing how they look in motion. That being said, research shows that "external focus (focusing on how your movements affect the environment around you) leads to better performance than internal focus (focusing on how specific body parts or muscle groups are moving) during physical tasks". Think of it like stepping up to bat in baseball. You’re more likely to hit a home run if you keep your eye on the ball — not by sensing how your body moves as you swing the bat. Watching yourself run in a mirror

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Content or data:


Not involve speaking or drawing:


60 seconds:


Narration or legend:


Social or political class:


Someone who is famous or well known:


Long thin mark:


Continuing as far as a particular place:


Large amount of something:

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